I was infected in 2016 As the first user (November 2016), of the extract of “RECTAVIR” developed by the group of researchers from the Center for Research and Technological Studies (current “PSAMGREEN” in Gabon and Congo Brazzaville), I would simply like to come and confirm the observations the most important of this natural treatment:  There is an absence of toxicity which has been widely demonstrated by experts and which is confirmed by the large quantities of syrup and natural capsules that my body has absorbed without inconvenience. There is no resistance phenomenon with the observation of the total absence of resurgence of the disease. This treatment is very effective since it goes beyond a natural immunity against HIV, which has been established naturally over the years (1) and which is confirmed by the presence of a maximum level of antibodies

However, thanks to the permanent intake of the antiviral “RECTAVIR”, the specialists of PSAMGREEN were able to observe that during the first half of 2019, a new generation of neutralizing antibodies appeared and reached a maximum figure which does not no longer left.

They were simply suppressed in favor of the viral load which is according to many competent specialists but obviously classified as dissenting, a non-specific examination of HIV. The value of viral load remains commercial because it sells triple therapies. The laboratories are therefore happy.

On the other hand, my weight curve has evolved from 72kg (2018) to over 90kg in June 2019 which prompted me to go on a little hypotoxic diet to bring this weight down to around 80kg.

This increase in weight is an essential benchmark of the effectiveness of RECTAVIR products because you will observe around you that AIDS patients are gradually transformed into living deads which recall the deportees, from the moment they experience the phenomenon of resistance. observed with the use of very toxic triple therapies, which require painful constraints before the inexorable descent into hell … A recognized failure …

then in October 2019 by chance by going for a rapid serological test for HIV AIDS, I was told that I was HIV negative, I had not believed at that moment and I avoided jubilant and 1 month later I was new to go for the examination and the result was still negative.

In conclusion, at 57 years old, I am a happy grandfather of 4 small children who puts his courage at the service of truth and life with no more illusions about “justice”. I thank the PSAMGREEN group of researchers who are dedicated to the health and well-being of people in this world.

If cancer and AIDS … are a well-guarded hunt, the public interest must come first.

NB: I also underline the importance in this disease of certain trace elements: zinc selenium – magnesium – calcium as well as antioxidants. As for stress, it scares T4s into connective tissue or triggers the phenomenon of apoptosis (programmed cell death).

“I remember holding this result by hand, and there it is written: my liver levels have returned to normal, there is no more hepatitis C virus in my body. I am healed. What a relief and what a confirmation that it was worth fighting so much! “

A long road to successful treatment A decisive moment in my everyday life. But it was a long road paved with expectations, anxieties, headaches, permanent weakness and loss of appetite. Everything probably started with “sex and drugs”. “At 19, I consumed everything, including heroin. Maybe that’s how I got Hepatitis C, either through a blood transfusion, or sex? “It’s impossible to determine how the virus got into my body. It was by chance that the virus was detected, today I am 48 years old. During a consultation, my doctor noticed my elevated liver levels and asked me if I knew it. “Of course, I’ve had them for a long time.” Had I ever been tested for hepatitis C? ” No.” The test was done and a few days later the result was there: hepatitis C with all possible risks such as cirrhosis, liver cancer.

Until next year, I decided in 2004 to be supported by the natural antiviral PSAMGREEN research center for optimal treatment with antiviral Hepirax 1 & 2, Gefine f for 6 months.

Steve 33 years old,  I had been co-infected with hepatitis HBV / HDV virus for more than 3 years after taking pharmaceutical antiviral treatments for several years.

I was told about your company while I was still on pharmaceutical treatment, after several weeks of hesitation I decided to go for natural supplements. When I arrived in your company I had a moderately elevated transaminase, very active DNA (HBV) over two million copies / ml. I received as treatment for a period of 14 weeks antiviral Ripane, effihep and support Gefine-f. From the beginning of treatment all the side effects of my old treatment had disappeared, 6 weeks later, I did a routine examination control DNA (HBV) had returned to nearly 1 million. Today I have a completely negative HDV and I feel a lot better.

I presented a Gamma GT of more than 85Ul, HB more than 3 million copies with a great feeling of fatigue. After an online consultation with the specialist, my prescription was the natural product Effihep 330ml in large quantities and Gezena 330mlpour against this intense fatigue. I am still on treatment but with an undetectable HBV and a big daily change from day to day. I thank the defeat diseases research center for its supplements.

I had hepatitis C genotype 4, a liver with several masses and nodules. After having taken several pharmaceutical treatments like ribavirin and many others, the specialist made me understand that the prescription of Hepirax 2 should help me to protect my liver, for a complete treatment Hepirax was the most important antivirals for block viral replication and make the virus undetectable. The improvement of my liver is back to normal, I will recommend the same treatment for those who suffer from hepatitis in all its forms.

I developed symptoms similar to viral diseases but after a few exam prescriptions from defeatdiseases, I found that I was suffering from chronic hepatitis B with a transaminase very above the norm. I asked, A 10-week treatment only with antiviral Effihep and Gezena. My first check was surprising, HBV DNA undetectable after 12 weeks, I was advised to consume more for a period of 1 month, at the end of this month I waited two weeks to do a new control or I was declared negative. I am waiting to do another one after 3 months for a confirmation.

I suffered from a viral co-infection of hepatitis C and B, an ultrasound of the liver with some complications, transaminases and alkaline phosphatases quite high. I was prescribed as supplements: Hepirax 2 / Hepirax / Effihep for a total of 32 weeks. Four months later I already had an undetectable HBV, at the end of the treatment the HCV virus was also undetectable I just waited for the seronegativity by continuing my same treatment again without side effects for 3 more months.

I was diagnosed with a HIV/HCV co-infection in 2015. I previously followed antiviral and antiretroviral pharmaceutical treatments without solution. Then I decided to look at the natural health to improve my condition, I found your website and it interested me. I took Hepirax and Hepirax 2 for 5 months.