Naturopathic cures

We can distinguish three naturopathic cures that allow the body to regenerate all the dead cells for healthy and harmonious functioning.

Our detoxification cure

It allows the body to renew all its cells, promotes cleansing by removing excess overload in order to eliminate all toxins stored in the body. It is a development of the years of aggressiveness of the cells of the body by chemicals, food addictions (sugar, alcohol, coffee, chocolate … etc.) which amounts to better control of our food, anxiety and poor functioning of our elimination organs (skin, kidneys, pancreas, pituitary gland, intestine, liver, etc.)

Interesting for patients who suffer:

Liver failure

Kidney failure

Prostate disease (prostate antigen returns to normal)


Revitalization cure

It is responsible for rebalancing organic deficiencies to a stable nutritional level, it is accompanied by our natural products that stimulate and mineralize the body.

Stabilization cure

This cure regulates the metabolism aimed at maintaining good vitality in the body in a sustainable and healthy way.