Patient cured of hepatitis B, C, D and HIV / AIDS

The confidentiality demanded by the field of health and its highest organizations, does not allow us to deliver or publish all that is like medical file of the patients. Who, so far, trust us to respect their privacy and their health concerns. Since some of you will want proof of the reliability of our natural products, we have asked one of our patients for permission to make public part of their medical record regarding their medical examinations before and after the treatment proving his total healing. The patient in question had been suffering from chronic hepatitis B for several years, after having followed a pharmaceutical antiviral treatment for more than 2 years with interferon and its multiple side effects, he decided to contact us for a consultation. But not in one of the countries where we live, the consultation was done online. He sends us his last recent medical exams by mail (refer to the tab “medical examinations to be done”) done in a laboratory in his locality.

the second patient had suffered from hiv aids for more than two years and could no longer bear the pharmaceutical antiretroviral drugs, he contacted us at the end of 2018 and we put him on treatment with our natural drugs and without effects harmful to the body, at the end of 2019 it was declared seronegative to HIV AIDS