Natural antiviral having various mollecules to fulfill a specific function, that of curing hepatitis B, eliminates microorganisms and viral fungi. Associated with Gezena supports the strengthening of the immune system.

Antivirals, as the name suggests, act against viruses.


Natural antiretroviral to stop viral replication while improving the level of CD-4
It is probably the most effective, versatile natural agent for stimulating and strengthening ...
Natural product aimed at vital functioning and strengthening of white blood cells
Natural product with multiple preventive and curative antibacterial molecules
Natural antiviral for the treatment of hepatitis B and D in cases of HD / HB co-infection
Natural product designed with vigor than any other singular and natural substance
Natural antiviral for the treatment of hepatitis C (genotype 1 to 6)
Natural antiviral and anti-inflammatory primarily used for treatment
Natural antiviral with various molecules in order to fulfill a specific function